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The Right Choice in Automotive Repair for Over 65 Years

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Quotes These guys are awesome. They treat you well and I believe are a honest group that do not try to sell you more service than you need.Unlike the dealerships that always find more to fix than what you take it in for. So ladies do not be afraid to deal with them. Quotes
Awesome and Honest

Quotes I would Highly recommend using the Marriott Garage & Towing Service for all your auto needs. Two years ago My husbands car broke down on the way to work. He was able to get it to Marriott Garage. They hooked it up to the computer and told him he would be better off buying a new car then putting any money into the one he had. The best part was they didn't even charge us for hooking it up to the computer. We have taken our cars to them at least 4 other times and they are always honest and fair priced. March 21, 2011 Quotes
Honest and Fair Priced.

Quotes When I was stranded on the Highway, with my children in the car, thank goodness Mariott was there to help! I made one phone call to them and they were there in 10 minutes to rescue us. They even gave us a ride back home. I honestly don't know what we would have done without them. They were VERY professional and VERY fair with their price. Super business! Quotes
Kristi M.
Great Towing Company!

Quotes We found ourselves in an awful situation a few weeks ago when our car broke down, especially for me since I had just left the hospital. Marriott's literally came to our rescue by getting my husband and I home and taking care of everything. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We will always remember Marriott's kindness. They're the greatest! Quotes
Gerry & Margaret O.
Came to our rescue!

Quotes If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood garage and towing service in the Gardner area, then look no further than Marriott Garage and Tow. When your car breaks down or you are in an accident it is always good to have the number for your local towing service handy. Quotes
Jennie K.
Friendly neighborhood garage and towing service.

Quotes Great service at a very fair price. I will take my business to them again and recommend to anyone in the area, including Olathe. Quotes
Recommend them to Anyone!

Quotes Great to deal with. Helpful,reasonable! Quotes
Great Service!

Quotes Our car starter went out over the weekend, called Marriott's first thing in the morning & within an hour their tow truck showed up at our house. Repairs were done the same day & we were able to pick up before close. I was so impressed since I've never had such quick service at other places. Reasonable prices cost us half of what the Nissan dealership quoted for repairs. Would definitely go back. Quotes
What a money & lifesaver.

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